An auragraph or souldrawing is a very personal work of art. It is a drawing that uses symbols such as animals, plants and flowers to tell your life story: your past, present and personal development. All parts have a specific meaning. For example, the power animal in the middle symbolises your specific characteristics and the colours are also meaningful.

How does it work?

Before I start, I need your full name, a picture and date of birth. Then I make the drawing, and do extensive research into the meaning of the symbols. I make the auragraph on high-quality paper, usually in combinations of pencil, pastel or watercolour. The insights I gain about you while making and studying the auragraph, I discuss with you in an extensive consult of about an hour. This takes place at my home in Reeuwijk (the Netherlands) or via Skype (or Zoom, Messenger, etc.). During this session you can get a new perspective on your personal growth and talents. In any case, the approach is always positive.


Auragraph on paper size 22 x 22 centimeter (8,5 x 8,5 inch) without a consult € 175
Auragraph on paper size 22 x 22 centimeter with a consult € 249
Auragraph on paper size 30 x 42 centimeters (11,8 x 16,5 inch) without a consult € 249
Auragraph on paper size 30 x 42 centimeter with a consult € 299

All prices include VAT and shipping costs via regular mail within the Netherlands. Auragraphs can be sent worldwide.

An auragraph as a gift

It's possible to order an auragraph as a present for someone else. The recipient can then decide for him- or herself whether he or she wants a reading.

What people say

Confronting, but in a pleasant way.


How very nice to receive this. You did really well. Thank you for doing this for me. Very happy about it!

Jessica van Lingen

Marleen rendered me so surprisingly aptly during the online reading that I knew 'this is about me.' That is why her naturally cautious statements about what is in store for me in the future are hopeful to me. Marleen took the time to explain the soul drawing with all its symbolism in a friendly and extensive manner. The e-mail contact was also excellent. I think my soul drawing is really beautiful! I am going to frame it!

Absolutely recommendable!


Sometimes the universe gives you an unexpected gift. I received one through Marleen, while we've never really met before. I was amazed and touched by how aptly she drew and described me as a person and in my context. Very inspiring and enlightening. From an energetic, spiritual and relational perspective. About how my childhood shaped me. You showed me my value and strengths. Also how my vulnerability is my strength and how I can better protect myself. Thank you Marleen, for showing me myself in this creative way and in a safe setting.


Last night I was just thinking about the reading... you've given me a boost to trust what's to come. I felt very happy and confident about it! Thank you!

Angelique van Leerdam

Marleen, when I received your drawing, I was impressed. Besides being beautifully drawn, he is also very clear and powerful. The different symbols and colours struck me exactly on my experiences in my life. I am also very happy with your positive advice. At the end you also got in touch with both my deceased mother and father, I'm super grateful for that.

Nancy de Zwart

In conversation with Marleen her reading led to recognition and there was also room for clarification. Marleen is a very pleasant conversation partner who is open to the conversation. She expresses her message in a fine way and takes good account of not disturbing the other person. This felt familiar and gave me a feeling of connection. I found this experience pleasant and it has given a lot of confirmation with regard to my personal life. Thank you for your reading and very nice to have had this experience!